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Notes on History, Antisemitism, and the Holocaust by Moishe Postone [2011]

Right to Work: In search of a new slogan by Nina Power

http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2010/jul/29/right-to-work-recession-women-at-work In the face of cuts, trade unions are demanding the « right to work ». Better to rethink work altogether In 1972 Selma James, founder of the International Wages for Housework Campaign and, more recently, Global Women’s Strike, wrote the following: « We demand the right to work less. » Her reasoning was clear – when women work for a … Lire la suite

Κορίτσια στην εξέγερση [2008]

Μάρκος Χατζηπιέρας, stencil http://katalipsiasoee.blogspot.com/2008/12/blog-post_2310.html Το βράδυ της 6/ 12 δεν θα το ξεχάσουμε εύκολα. Όχι γιατί η δολοφονία του Αλέξη ήταν αδιανόητη. Η κρατική βία όσο και αν προσπαθεί να συγκροτηθεί σε πιο παραγωγικές εκδοχές κυριαρχίας θα παλινδρομεί διαρκώς στις απαρχές μιας δαπανηρής μορφής βίας, διατηρώντας στη δομή της ένα (παρα)κράτος που δεν πειθαρχεί στις … Lire la suite

Becoming cockroaches @Syntagma square (Καθώς γινόμαστε κατσαρίδες, της Νέλλης Καμπούρη)

Since yesterday, June 28, we live like cockroaches in Syntagma square. We are sprayed continuously with chemicals by the Greek police regardless of what we do or what we say, but we persist. We leave Syntagma square for a while to catch our breath and keep on coming back. We rest a bit and return … Lire la suite

On asymmetry

So, if capitalism is a “how”, then our rage has to be a rage against that “how”, a rage that has a different logic, a different structure. And that is why there is no symmetry that can be, no symmetry that can be, no symmetry that can be, no symmetry between our struggles and their … Lire la suite


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